Looking for a fun way to entertain your guests or event attendees?

Hire me to do  caricatures at your party/event.

How does it work?
I will arrive at your event about 15 to 30 minutes before my start time. I will touch base with you or your representative, set up my area, and begin drawing.

I try to position myself so that people can look over my shoulder and laugh and tease the subject as they wait their turn. It’s all in good fun.

HINT: It really helps to get the ball rolling if you have one or two people committed to getting drawn as soon as I’m set up. Once most people realize how much fun it will be to get their picture done, they will gladly jump in line. Most people want someone else to go first.


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Can you dress up for a theme party?

If you are having a certain “theme” to your gathering, or have a particular style of dress in mind, let me know when you book me and I will do my best to oblige. I’ve dressed as a Wizard for several Harry Potter parties, a denizen of 1860’s Ohio, and I can dress up for more formal affairs. My background and connections in local theater give me access to a great potential of costume choices.


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How many drawings can you do per hour?

On average, I do at least 9 to 12 head and shoulders shots, 11″ x 14″ black and white caricatures, suitable for framing. People are welcome to pair up or sit in small groups. I can also do full body drawings, color, etc., but that will take longer.

As a bonus, each picture gets a rubber band, to make the pictures easy to roll up and transport. The markers I use dry quickly so you don’t have to worry about smeared ink.

Do you take a lot of breaks?

Once per hour, I will need to stand up for a minute to stretch my legs, but I usually avoid any longer breaks when working, unless I go for more than three or four hours, and even then I will usually work as long as there are people in line. Time flies when you’re busy and I like to keep busy.


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Q: How far ahead should I book you?

A: I would appreciate at least three weeks notice for any event. Of course, I understand if you’re working at the last minute, but if you wait too long, I may already be booked for your date.


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Q: How much does this cost?

A: I have an hourly rate and work a minimum of two hours. E-mail me for my rates. You will find my rates very reasonable.

Q: Are there any other charges?

A: I may charge for travel-related expenses, customized papers, and other unique situations that you might have come up with.


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Q: What are customized papers?

A; If you’re having a theme party, and you want each picture to be with a certain character, item, or logo, or if you want pre-drawn bodies for your caricatures, I can do that ahead of time, for a nominal charge.


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Q: Do you work (fill in the event type)?

A: Probably. E-mail me and ask.

Q: What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

A: Email is the best way. I check it several times during the day. My email is MikeTheArtGuy.com@gmail.com. You can call me (email me for my phone number)If you have to leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly, leave your name and your phone number, plus the best time to call you back.


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