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Mike Leuszler is a professional caricaturist and illustrator.

Creating Comics Class at the Amherst Public Library

June 23rd, 2011, Amherst Public Library, 221 Spring Street (on the corner of Park Ave.)

Note: Even if you’ve taken this class before, you may want to come back again as you’ll be working with different people, and you’ll get new and different content during the class.

This is a great way to learn how to create comics, how to work with others, and why some comics come out the way they do. Taught by local artist and caricaturist Mike Leuszler, students learn to create manga and comics… by making comics. But there’s a twist or two.

Students will also learn a bit about comic publishing and comics history during the class, and have an enormous amount of fun despite that!

No drawing experience necessary.

Everyone who participates in the class will get a free print by Mike Leuszler. That’s me.

For more info or to register for the class, call 440-988-4230. Or, you can contact the Youth Services Director, Cheryl Ashton, at

Artwork Commission Price Update

I have updated my Artwork Commission Price List. I think you’ll like it. I’ve added 9″ x 12″ prices and the options that go with it. It’s very simple now to calculate the price for a commission, but if you still have trouble, hit the email link there and ask away.


Keystone High School After Prom Update

On Sunday Morning May 8th, at 12:30 am, I had the privelege of being the caricaturist for the Keystone High School after prom. I can’t remember how many I’ve done there, now. I know it’s at least three, and it could be four.

I do know that a good time was had by all. And this year, I know I drew at least 50 kids (or 25 couples, if you will) in the span of 2.5 hours. Yeah, that be a lot head shots.

I’m very grateful that I’ve been allowed to return year after year to do this event. The Keystone event is usually the first really big marathon type gig I do every season and it always sets a great tone for the year.

Thanks again, Keystone. Anniversary and Lore

Monday, May 9th, is the anniversary of, the URL. I have already renewed the domain so there will be no interruption of service or any nonsense like that. I did it way ahead of time (okay, a few days ago) because I knew I would be in zombie mode today (after staying up all night doing caricatures at the Keystone High After Prom).

This website used to go by, but one year, I missed the payment date and an Asian entruprenuer bought my domain and started putting up things on his website. Later on, it became an online auto mall. Some people who live locally, and that see me in my 12 year old Ford Contour ask why I don’t have a new, cool car, seeing as I sell them online.

Which, of course, I don’t. So, long story short, I had to get a new domain. I didn’t want to go with anything less than a dot com. No dot net, info, tv, ca, uk, etc. I wanted an easy to remember URL. I’m all about making it as simple as possible for my clients. The less mental work for them, the more they like it. Plus, I thought this was a good opportunity to put some keywords into my URL, making it easier to find and remember.

I don’t know why, but Leuszler seems to put the fear of God into some people when it comes to pronouncing it. And perish forbid you ask someone to spell it. That sz combo in the middle, on its own, causes grown men to wet their pants.

To be truthful, though, I’m not a big fan of my last name either, but I really didn’t want to change my name or get a psuedonym, since most of my online identities use Leuszler.

Eventually, one of my acquaintances and clients, Christian LaVeck, owner of, suggested as my new dot com. It has my first name, it has art, and the word guy is a pretty friendly and easy to spell word. It gives a casual, approachable feel to the business. So after a short talk with Kathy (a whole other story), I decided to go with it.

And I have to admit, the response has been a lot better since I’ve changed over to No more stammering, hesitation, or confusion on how to say it (as long as I capitalize all of the words). And, as I would always point out, the less confusion on a potential customer’s part, the better. Or, on my crankier days, “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.

So there you have it. Happy birthday to my domain. We now return you to your Mother’s Day festivities.

Adam Talley’s Studio Chatter Podcast (with a Dash of Me)

Studio Chatter Logo

This is a heads up to let you know I barged in on Adam Talley’s Studio Chatter podcast yesterday. Clicking on the link will send you right to the episode. You can also right click and “Save Link As” to download the podcast.

Studio Chatter is about the business and process of creating art, with a sharp focus on comics and such. In this episode host Adam Talley answers listener mail and I step on his lines. Yeesh.

I’m kidding. Adam does a bang up job with the show, which you should check out if you have artistic aspirations. You can also check out the show’s page here to find out more about the show.

Cats and Dogs: Latest Deviant Art Additions

Many of you know that I have a account. I occasionally post new artwork there.  Here are the two most recent postings. Please stop by and leave a comment, if you can. Thanks!

Husky Puppy This was inspired by one of the photographs on It’s one of my new Doggie Drawing Commission samples. Ask me about getting a commission done of your favorite pet.

Scared Kitten

The Return of That Stupid Podcast, Now With 100% More Idiocy

That Stupid Podcast, a podcast hosted by moi on Talkshoe at will return Wednesday, May 12 at 10 pm, with a twist.

Instead of me reading and commenting on stupid news stories, I will open the phone lines and the discussion up to the public. You can participate by calling 724-444-7444.

To just listen in and maybe participate in the chat room, go to and hit the non-pro version of the Talkshoe chat room link.

I would recommend, if you have not done so, going to to set up a free account the day before. It’s not that hard, but it might take a little time and this isn’t something you want to do at the very last minute. Trust me, the master procrastinator.

That Stupid Podcast ran for four episodes earlier in 2011 and was cancelled when my computer needed to be taken in for repairs and updates. Due to the total apathy of anyone who might have expressed an interest in it during the hiatus, I decided to rethink the concept to make it more interesting. Adding live callers to the mix, with their varied opinions and personalities should definitely provide an entertaining factor to the proceedings.

Hope to see you on Wednesdays at 10 pm Eastern at .


Graduation Caricatures: Gifts and Parties/NEOPal Blurb for May 6, 2011

Still befuddled for gift ideas for Graduation? I would say, just give them money, since that seems to be one of the most important things a new young adult needs.

I WOULD say that, but then I would screw myself out of some business. That’s no good.

Here is the blurb that I submitted to the North East Ohio Performing Arts List, or NEOPal for short, that is a very vital part of the performing and visual arts community in my part of Ohio. It may spark some inspiration for gift ideas. Even if you don’t live in NE Ohio.

“High School Graduation is coming up soon and you want to make sure you have this once in a lifetime event be the best it can be and be affordable! But every good entertainer seems to be booked for the weekend of your party? Why not try something different? Something that will make your party much more memorable.

“Mike Leuszler (of is a professional party caricaturist who has been turning people into cartoons for over six years, having appeared at many local festivals and events in the area. He is ready to entertain your guests with a combination of performance art and drawing. 

“Mike will capture your guests’ likenesses in good old pen and ink while chatting with the victims… er… subjects and assorted onlookers. The crowd gets to chuckle and guffaw as they watch the artwork being created, and in the end, the subject(s) get a great party favor.

“Mike requires only a small space in which to work his magic, and does not disturb the people who do not want to be involved with the proceedings.

“If you already have an entertainer booked, Mike makes an excellent secondary way of engaging your guests.

“And if you have a graduate for whom you want to buy a unique, memorable gift, ask Mike about his custom caricature commissions. Get your grad the gift that will capture them forever, shows them that you care, and that will be impossible to regift!

“If you’ve already made arrangements for graduation, don’t forget that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner, along with summer birthdays and weddings!

“To find out more, you can contact Mike via email: or go to his website,  Mike’s summer schedule is filling up fast. ”

Mike Leuszler

Obama Trumps Osama

Obama Trumps Osama comic Copyright 2011 Michael Leuszler
Obama Trumps Osama

Click to enlarge

Wow. Osama bin Laden is dead.

Or at least that’s what’s been in the news today. Really, who knows anymore when it comes to the news. If it’s true, does it really matter? I mean, Al Qeda will go on, without the great bearded one in the driver seat. Terrorism will continue. And didn’t we declare “Mission Accomplished” way back in G. W. Bush era?

Anyway. Enjoy the comic.

Here Comes Peter Cottentail…

Easter Bunny Graphic 2011 Copyright Michael A. Leuszler… bouncing on his butt and jamming on his off-brand MP3 player (which is modeled after my off-brand MP3 player).

Here’s my 2011 Easter Graphic which should be available this week on blank note cards. I will try to have the cards with me