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Artwork Commission Price Update

I have updated my Artwork Commission Price List. I think you’ll like it. I’ve added 9″ x 12″ prices and the options that go with it. It’s very simple now to calculate the price for a commission, but if you still have trouble, hit the email link there and ask away.


Back to Work: Commission Slots Open

Hey guys. Before I get down and dirty on my to-do list, I thought I’d let you know that I am always taking orders for caricatures and other drawing commission work.

NOW is the time to order such things for the winter holidays. Hanukka is December 1 – 9 this year, so if you’re buying for your Jewish friends, now is the time.

It’s really simple, just email me with what you want drawn, and then I will go to my price list and give you a quote for both the price and the timing. You can drop the payment in my Paypal account, or send me a check, and I will keep you informed as I am working on your piece.

You may need to provide photos. Fortunately, the Internet is good for sending such things. E-mail rocks.

Simple? Yes. Nice price? You bet. Hard to regift? Oh heck, yeah.

Keep in mind that I do houses, pets, and many other things.

Don’t wait, get to the front of the line by ordering now!


October 22 Updates

So what’s new?

  • There is a new logo banner (which has a special skull-laden Halloween variant when you change pages or refresh!)
  • The background yellow is much better and less dull, I think.
  • The Commission Price Page has been updated with lower base prices, and some other great changes that will benefit the buyer, including changes in rights ownership. Go read.
  • The navigation bar has been updated and beautified. Oooh la la.
  • And many other itty bitty changes, too numerous to mention.

Website Updates

If you have occassion to visit this website, you’ll see some updates and changes. First of all, the color scheme. I really don’t have favorite colors anymore, but I do have a bit of a fondness for deep purple and gold.

You’ll also see I’ve posted links to my other current projects in the left hand sidebar, along with an archive widget, so that you can visit old news and entries a bit easier.

I’ve also made, what seems like, a million little cosmetic and other changes to make your visit a bit better. But I’m not done yet. I will be try to spend some time each day doing updates, making the site more interesting and something worth visiting at least once a week.

Back to work.

Two New Sketches

I fully intended to have these ready for Easter, but medical problems botched that. Here are both pictures in the inked stage. You’ll probably see the finished version of these next year.

White Rabbit Sketch (inks only)
Copyright 2010 by Michael A. Leuszler
Easter Dragon (inks only)
I did this a couple weeks ago, right as my eye started it's eyesplosion.

Upcoming Projects

Yesterday, I told you about upcoming classes and appearances.

Today, we’ll look at upcoming projects from Mike the art guy!

First up, May 1st will see the first installment a new webcomic project that I’m starting. I’ve been threatening to do a webcomic for years now. After several failed attempts, I’ve finally picked an arbitrary date and said this is it! I won’t go into a lot of detail here, lest someone feel compelled to steal an idea or two, but the comic should be a lot fun for both the reader and for yours truly.

This extra secret comic should run either 2 or 3 days a week. I need to produce some pages first, to see how I can work it.

Next, I will be producing a second podcast. Yesterday, I was listening to Logan’s Run podcast on, and apparently this version of it is an encore. Encore meaning re-run. I loved the idea so much that I stole it, but with some modifications. Instead of re-running whole episodes of Open Mike, Insert Foot, I’ll be doing a “best of/worst of” (your milage may vary) format. That will spare the listeners from having to live or re-live the dated material and other embarrassing dreck from the past. And if I can wing it, I will stick in additional commentary myself and from other people who may have been involved in the show. DVD extras!

I haven’t pinned down a launch date yet, but I’d like to get that going before May 15.

And last, but not least, some time this week, the new Sandstone Summer Theater site should be going up. I don’t do much website work anymore, but I wanted to contribute something to my favorite theater group. Hopefully it will be a smashing success.

And of course, I’m always working on new artwork, notecards, prints, commission work and other projects. More about those projects later.

Dick Blick Deals of the Week, A Lesson in Businessc

Today, class, you’re going to learn a little about business, buying art supplies, and a little something about how websites make money.

In the past, in the right column of this very website, you have seen an orange rectangle-shaped ad that promoted the wonderful online art supply company Dick Blick Art Materials. - Online Art Supplies

Dick Blick Art Materials carries art supplies and related materials and I have found out them easy to work with and to order from online. Thanks to a gift card given to me during the holidays (Thanks for paying attention, Chris!) I got an opportunity to look around the website, buy some pens that I’ve been contemplating for a bit, kick the tires and such.

I was very happy with the experience. I saved some money on the pens, had them shipped to my home, and they were packaged well with all of the pertinent paperwork included.

So, like I said up front, you used to see their ad on the site, but it went away for awhile. Well, I suppose that’s my fault. The ad was an affiliate program ad. When I lead people to the Dick Blick Art Materials site by getting them to click that link, I get a percentage of the sale. They get customers, I get some pizza money, and you get a lead on the leader in online art supply sales. It’s a simple business model that should have brought in some cash, but I kind of let the website languish. No visitors, no clicks, no sales, no pizza.

Not even on 5 dollar, pick up only Monday pizza day. Sigh.

Eventually, Dick Blick Art Materials said “Blick you” (I’m paraphrasing a bit) and canceled the contract I had with them. No harm, no foul.

After bearing down and getting the site back up, and active, and hopefully interesting, one of the first things I did was to reactivate my connection to Dick Blick Art Materials.

If I’m going to recommend art supplies and such to my students, and if they don’t like the selection at our local art stores, such as Pat Catan’s and Michael’s (despite their fabulous name, I call ’em Meh Killz), I can offer them a choice that I am actively using and can recommend with the utmost confidence.

Want to kick the tires and give it a shot? Here’s their Hot Deals of the Week!. Dick Blick Art Materials offers huge values on a variety of art stuff from a variety of artistic disciplines and media.

I’m not a huge online shopper, so I have no hesitation in recommending this to my more luddite viewers as a method for obtaining art supplies.  Have fun.

2010 Website Changes

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that the website has slimmed down a bit. I’ve taken most of the content down for now, until I get a chance to review, reduce, redo, or just plain fix it.

One of my goals for 2010 will be to make this website more appealing, more informative, and just plain better.

In addition to improving the present content, I will be adding all kinds of new (or at least new HERE) content five days a week. And I’m not talking about just lame promotional junk, press releases, etc., but real content that will catch your eye, engage your other senses, and make you want to check out what exactly it is that I’m doing here.

This includes short articles about whatever trips my trigger (as is appropriate to the website), videos (both mine and other people’s), photos, podcasts, and artwork.

Not only do I do caricatures, fantasy, and comic art, but I also teach classes and do other type of presentations. That will be reflected in the new content on this site. In addition to class listings, many of my class materials will be appearing here. Along with short how-to videos. The Podcast, will also be making a comeback and will be hosted here on this site. The show will feature interviews with working artists and other people of interest to the online artistic community.

Two video projects I am still working on include a series of drawing videos similar to my old public access show, Drawn Out. Instead of interviewing the caricature subjects, I will open the phone lines to anyone who wants to yammer during the show.

The other video series will be shot and edited in house and released online and will feature how to videos.

And all of this will be free. Free as in, you can come here and view it all for no cost to you.

Happy new year!

Things to Come

Here are some of the places I will be coming up in the next few weeks.

September 12: True North Cultural Arts ArtsFest: A fun show for the whole family that features artwork by various artists. I will have tent set up and will be doing caricatures and selling new and original art and prints.

True North is located at The Metroparks French Creek Reservation, 4530 Colorado Avenue, Sheffield Village. You can call them at 440.949.5200.

September 13, Sunday. I will be at Countryside Antiques Big Sale doing caricatures and selling artwork. This event is part of the big Avon end of summer shenanigans, which includes several family-oriented and other events around the city.

Countryside Antiques is located at 36290 Detroit Rd, Avon. For more info, call (440) 934-4228.

September 17, Thursday. Private corporate event.

September 20, Sunday. I will be Granny Joe’s Ice Creamatorium doing caricatures while people enjoy a wide variety of ice-cream based treats and enjoy a bit of Brown and Orange fun. No, not the Cleveland Browns, but the local, indiginous crawly creature known as the Woolybear. That’s right, time for Dick Goddard and the Woolybear Festival!

Granny Joe’s is located at 5598 Liberty Ave, Vermilion. You can call them at (440) 967-3663.

September 25, Friday. Doing caricatures at the monthly Skyview Lodge Wine Tasting event in Parma. Last month was the first time for me, doing this. It was lots of fun! You should come on out.

The Skyview Lodge is located at 336 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH.