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Cats and Dogs: Latest Deviant Art Additions

Many of you know that I have a account. I occasionally post new artwork there.  Here are the two most recent postings. Please stop by and leave a comment, if you can. Thanks!

Husky Puppy This was inspired by one of the photographs on It’s one of my new Doggie Drawing Commission samples. Ask me about getting a commission done of your favorite pet.

Scared Kitten

Deviant Art

I just recently starting posting some artwork up on It’s an online community of amateur and professional artists, photographers, writers and more. Here is my DA space.

If you’re an artist, you should set up a free account. It’s a great way to network and show off your skills.

There’s a pay account too, but I haven’t checked it out yet. It may or may not benefit you. For now, I’m sticking with the free account.

Have a good rest of the weekend. I will be here at home resting, sorting comics for sale, and doing some small administrative tasks.

The Dark Side of Librarians

Just a heads up, here… I am now posting older artwork on My account name is Leuszler, of course. Today’s post is a Star Wars-oriented piece commissioned by employees of the Lorain Public Library.  It celebrates one of it’s librarians being promoted to management by going over to the “dark side”.

Here’s the link, if’n you want to cut and paste it into your browser window: