Eyesore? Heck, Yeah It’s Sore!

My eye, as it was the last week of March 15, 2010
Eyesore? Heck yeah.

Just to let you know…

I’ve been down since Friday night with another nasty eye problem. I’ve had this a couple of time in the past year, and have scared it off with drops and gel, but this is the worst case yet. It’s not pink eye, I know that much, but it has something to do with my sinuses and or allergies. Light sensitivity (no, I did not use a flash camera for this picture), runny, itchiness, and the desire to get a melon baller to scoop my eye out are among the nasty symptoms. No snot or death colored discharge, though. Phew. So, I probably won’t get much drawing work done this week.

I’m still doing some administrative work, when I can stay awake. Summer’s coming, and that’s busy season. I hope I can do something soon.

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