Post-Hospital Update

Quick off the top of my head post-hospital report: Had all of the major organs (liver, heart, etc.) checked out. My “cardiac event” was a sugar spike of 500. Sugar should be in the very low 100s. So that was bad. I am on a new diet, with some more pills, including one for high cholesterol. And children’s aspirin. Yum!

I will have to seriously start checking my blood sugar regularly and get more active. And eat right. More salads, less starches. During my two days in the hospital, I also lost my insane craving for caffeine. Went out and bought all non-caffeine pop Sunday, and haven’t consumed much of it at all.

Did I mention I am consuming more water, too. Flush that @#$% out.

And another great side effect is that my mind has been very clear and sharp, and my emotional keel is very even. Of course, when you get to eat all of your meals in bed, you’d be pretty happy, too. We’ll see if that that lasts in the real world.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent well wishes. Looking forward to a productive fall and winter now. More news on that soon. I’ve got a ton of projects in the next four months, plus a special trip in October. But right now, I have a picnic to attend. And draw caricatures at said picnic. Later.


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