Roger F. Slutzker, Printer

I tweeted a brief acknowledgement on the passing of Roger Slutzker today. We weren’t friends or even close business associates, but I did encounter him a few times in the 80’s, during the course of needing stuff printed.

The tweet read, “Roger Slutzker was a local printer that I dealt with several times in the 80’s. He was a vital part of Lorain business. Shalom. R.I.P.”.

That’s all that I need to say. I don’t need to fill the air with embellished remembrances of brief business encounters. Roger did his job and he did it well. And he supplied a much needed service to the Lorain County area.

The online version of his obit from the Chronicle-Telegram is available for public consumption here: That’s where I found the news.

Rest in peace, Roger.


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