eBay Sales Update

This week I’ve added two sets of ACEO sketch cards to my auction listings on eBay. Many of the cards are oldies from all the way back to 2006, when I was doing some somewhat bizarre experimentation.

In addition, both sets award you if you use the BUY IT NOW option. You will get a custom ACEO card, made to your specifications, within reason and good taste of course, if you BUY IT NOW.

To find out more, go here and here.

Hot Girl ACEO. Copyright 2008 Michael Allen Leuszler.

The other six cards up for sale will be ending very soon, if you’re reading this right after I wrote it. Check out the cards, or check them out again. Even if the cards fail to sell, this will probably be the last time I put them up on eBay.

Thanks for stopping by.

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