Possible Collectors Heads Up

Cover Art for Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman of OZ

Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman of OZ cover art. Copyright 2012 Michael A. Leuszler.

If you’ve been in any kind of fandom as I have, you know that the word “collectible” plastered on some trinket does not make it a collectible.

Collectibles are chosen because of their unusual circumstances.

Here’s an example.

Action Comics #1 (1938) not only featured the first appearance of America’s prototypical superhero, which is enough to make it a high priced collectible. Action Comics #1 also featured a coloring contest, which took thousands of those comics out of the collectible market by little kids ripping out a page of the book.

And if that wasn’t enough, many copies of Action Comics #1 were recycled for the good of the armed services during WWII. That took many more copies out of circulation.

And of course, comic books back then were not collected by more than a handful of people, at best, so the remaining copies basically were treated as every other piece of disposable entertainment. To the circular file, old chum.

That’s just one way something becomes a collectible.

Well, a book I worked on, which is available on Amazon, may become a collectible.

Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman of OZ, by author Cynthia Hanson, will be going through some big changes.

Cynthia bought the rights back to the book from the original publisher and has re-hired me to do ten new drawings. So that makes it possible that the first edition might eventually be worth something.

And if that wasn’t enough, I will be correcting the original pictures. Due to a major communication mix-up, I drew the Wogglebug character with his tongue out in most of the pictures. I didn’t find out that this was not right until I read a review of the book later.

In this next edition, the Wogglebug will keep his tongue in his mouth.

So hurry and get a copy before they’re gone. If you are a collector type, or if you just enjoy a good quest story.



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