Edgar Allen Poe Caricature

Edgar Allen Poe Caricature by Mike Leuszler. 2005

Edgar Allen Poe Caricature by Mike Leuszler. 2005

Not appropriate of the holiday or such…

It occurred to me that with all of the work I’ve done over the years, I need post more of it on occasion to make people aware of the range of work that I do.

This piece was created in the mid 2000′s when I was work at the Neil Jenne Gallery in Amherst. I had decided that since the gallery was located on the grounds of the Amherst Historical Center, I would create a series of historical caricature illustrations.

Out of all of my artwork, this one has been the most widely circulated, even though I tenaciously still hold onto the original art. I did a version 2.0 for a commission once, that had addition Poe elements in it.


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