Good Communication is no Joke!

Recently, I had an eBay auction for an original ACEO/Sketch Card of DC Entertainment’s Joker, done old school, as I am want to do.

The winning bidder paid, sent the payment, via PayPal (yay!) and left the following comment: “This is great love this thing so much hope there is a two face one I will buy it.”

DC Comics' Joker ACEO/Sketch Card.

DC Comics’ Joker ACEO/Sketch Card. Original Artwork by Mike Leuszler. 2013.

Now that is how to communicate on eBay. Right?

Yes, I will be doing a Harvey Dent, post-acid, card this week. In fact, I’ve had a run of successful run of sales with DC Entertainment villain ACEO/Sketch Cards, so expect so see me in the future. Soon.

Maybe Santa will have some before the holiday finishes shipping. Ho ho ho.





















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