Wogglebug of OZ Artwork

Wogglebug Tryout Piece by Mike Leuszler

Wogglebug Tryout Piece by Mike Leuszler




This is one of the three pieces I created as a tryout for illustrating Cynthia Hanson’s Wogglebug books. So far, there are four books (but for some reason I only come up with three when I search Amazon.com) out and you can get them all on Amazon.com.

The Wogglebug that appears there is somewhat different than this original piece.

First, the tongue. The reference I got had his tongue out so I thought that was some kind of personal quirk of the character and included it. Later on, I was informed that this was not the case, and you won’t see that tongue anywhere in any Wogglebug-related books I illustrate.

As for other differences, I’ll allow you to do your own compare and contrast by posting another picture of the ‘bug and let you play detective.

oz_chapter01_300This picture is from the first book I illustrated, Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry Volume 1: How the Truth Can Heal.  You can already see where I have slimmed down the character and somewhat simplified the design. The other guy is the Frogman, which in this version of Wogglebug, is a long-time friend of Mr. Wogglebug.  Ribbit.


This is from The Wogglebug’s Book of Manners. Yay! Color! This design relies on less pen and ink work and more on the color.

So, if you’re interested in a parallel universe, non-canonical version of a classic OZ character, check out the books.




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