First three sales of the year on eBay. 

I apologize for the quality of the photos. I usually do a good job of scanning my artwork for sale, but the scanner died and I am relearning how to photograph these bad boys. I could use photo editing software, but I’m reluctant. I’m not sure how far I should go in touching things up without a massive guilt trip coming on.

Anyway, the cards look much better in real life.

You’ll see that when you buy them. Wink wink.

Each picture will take you to that particular eBay listing.

And before I get started, this time around I opted to list these as Buy It Now, since eBay is giving me free listings until January 6. Expect to see a few more items up this week, just ’cause.


First up is a pen and ink rending of the Wogglebug based on the character I draw for Cynthia Hanson’s Wogglebug books. This one is colored with alcohol-based Spectrum Noir markers.


Second is my interpretation of DC Comics original Justice League and Teen Titans foe, Doctor Light. Same as the Wogglebug, he’s pen and ink with Spectrum Noir colors. The DC villains seems to be somewhat popular, so expect to see more in the future. And I do take requests.


Third is Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face, as seen in the cinematic disaster known as Batman Forever. This was a request from one of my buyers, but it’s available to the first person who gets the magic number.

Each of these items also has free shipping in the US. And you can make an offer for each, instead of using the Buy It Now option.

You can see all of these items, and more, by going here. Happy browsing.

So, would you buy any of these? Why or why not? And do you have suggestions for future ACEO Sketch Cards? Leave a note in the comment section below.

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