For the past two days, I have been posting old art. I hope those of you who follow me on Facebook and Pinterest have been enjoying it.  Today’s piece is a pen and ink doodle from the distant, dusty past. It’s an angry space chick.

No, not the kind with big boobs. Sorry Metal Hurlant fans and libidinous men everywhere.

Just hatched from an E.G.G. (Egregious Gestation GThing ((Yes, the last G is silent.)) ). this little guy, or gal, is ready to peck your space fleet into dust. Abandon hope. Ooooooooo!angry_space_chick_bw_96Peep!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Is this something worth coloring and perhaps putting on an Easter Egg? Or on a print or card?

Remember, this is copyright Michael Leuszler. Do not use without my permission. So there.

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