My mom died tonight.

There’s no sadness, though. At least, not yet. It’s more a sense of relief than anything.

Her final months were tough.  A lifetime of smoking and other bad habits made it so that she had to take breathing treatments every four hours, all of the time.

Remember when they remodeled the Amherst Drug Mart recently? She paid for that with her prescription purchases.

She had a good life and now she’s beyond having to deal with things.

So there.

There will be no service or memorial, as per her request. If you couldn’t see her when she was here, well now’s too late. That’s probably how she would have said it.

Bye, Ma.

6 thoughts on “Martha Jane (Long) Leuszler 1941 to 2014

  1. I love you. Your Momma loved you. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure she was welcomed by the family into her new life with jokes, hugs and peace. Call if you need anything Mike.

  2. Dear Mike…such a truthful but heartwarming comment about your beloved mother! I know I would have loved her just by what you said in these few short paragraphs. I am sorry she suffered but happy to know she lived her live her way! My sympathies are now with you and all her other loved ones…I know she will be remembered fondly and missed much.

  3. The kindness and generosity of spirit that your mother gave to me in a very difficult time will guide and influence my own actions and reactions for my lifetime. She was a dear, dear human being.

  4. Mike Im so sorry to hear about aunt marth if there is anything i can do plz let me know i gave u my #### right if not i can give it to you again
    remember if you need anything and my heart breaks for u, Marc and uncle Dick

  5. Many prayers to you and family Mike. I lost my mom 2 years ago and it still hurts. Many times when I question something about our family I think. I will call mom and ask. That and many other things make it hit home how final death is. But know that someday we will all be together again and that the hurt will slowly ease. Take care luv ya! Dawn

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