Toyland on Broadway in Lorain

I will be doing caricatures at the Toyland on Broadway event in Lorain, starting December 28. I will be at 639/641 Broadway, indoors, doing caricatures. Here’s a downloadable pdf with more information.

I’ll be just a few doors north of the Palace theater.


Other dates that I’ll be there include 11-29, December 4, (I’m scheduled for pioneer holidays December 5 and 6 at Mill Hollow Reservation in Vermilion) December 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20.

Just so you can prepare, caricatures will be 5 dollars per person, black and white head and shoulders. 10 dollars per person for full body. And you can get your pictures in color for 5 dollars more.

And finally, you can get a cool plastic sleeve with a backing board for only 3 dollars more. The sleeve protects your art from the weather and lets you display it right away.

I will also be taking orders for Christmas commissions, which are much nicer and more appropriate gift giving, and which can be picked up at a later date at the show. You can order a drawings of your dog, your favorite people, etc.

And I’ll also be booking parties for the rest of the month and January.

So stop early and often and bring out all of kids and grandkids. It will be tons of fun.

Hope to see you there.

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