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New Facebook Page

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may be interested to know that I’ve created a new page for my caricature and illustration work. If the above link doesn’t work, just type in Mike “The Art Guy” Leuszler in the FB search jigger and that should bring the page right up.

It appears that my old group is there, too, but you can ignore that.

I hope to see you all “liking” my page.

Upcoming Projects

Yesterday, I told you about upcoming classes and appearances.

Today, we’ll look at upcoming projects from Mike the art guy!

First up, May 1st will see the first installment a new webcomic project that I’m starting. I’ve been threatening to do a webcomic for years now. After several failed attempts, I’ve finally picked an arbitrary date and said this is it! I won’t go into a lot of detail here, lest someone feel compelled to steal an idea or two, but the comic should be a lot fun for both the reader and for yours truly.

This extra secret comic should run either 2 or 3 days a week. I need to produce some pages first, to see how I can work it.

Next, I will be producing a second podcast. Yesterday, I was listening to Logan’s Run podcast on Talkshoe.com, and apparently this version of it is an encore. Encore meaning re-run. I loved the idea so much that I stole it, but with some modifications. Instead of re-running whole episodes of Open Mike, Insert Foot, I’ll be doing a “best of/worst of” (your milage may vary) format. That will spare the listeners from having to live or re-live the dated material and other embarrassing dreck from the past. And if I can wing it, I will stick in additional commentary myself and from other people who may have been involved in the show. DVD extras!

I haven’t pinned down a launch date yet, but I’d like to get that going before May 15.

And last, but not least, some time this week, the new Sandstone Summer Theater site should be going up. I don’t do much website work anymore, but I wanted to contribute something to my favorite theater group. Hopefully it will be a smashing success.

And of course, I’m always working on new artwork, notecards, prints, commission work and other projects. More about those projects later.

Upcoming Classes and Appearances

Tuesday, April 13: Creating Comics and Manga at Westlake Porter Library. 7 pm. 1 hour.

This is my favorite class to teach. You learn about creating comics by actually creating comics. Wow. In addition, you learn a bit about the business of comics. This is a good first class for any potential comics creator.  Find out more and register here.

Tuesday, April 20, 27, May 4, 11: Inking Basics Four Part Class, Part 1. 1 pm. 1 hour per session.

This is an expanded, information filled version of my original inking basics class. By the time you finish this class you will be ready to create quality art pieces on your own. Find out more here.  (Go about halfway down  the page).

Friday, April 23, Skyview Lodge Wine Tasting Event, 7 pm. 4 hours.

Skyview offers a free table to local artist, and I will be there doing caricatures, selling artwork, and pimpin’ the business. I may have a preview of my new webcomic, too. Stop by and sample some vino and the excellent sunset view. Go here for more info.

Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, Herb Fair at Mill Hollow Reservation in Vermilion, 11 to 4 on Saturday, 12 to 4 on Sunday.

Another year, another Herb Fair. This year’s set up will include my doing caricatures for the kiddies, selling lots of artwork, promoting my new webcomic, and much more. Stop by, say hi, check out the booth and support your local art guy. More info here.

And coming up in May:

May 5, Euclid Rotary Event

May 9, Keystone After Prom

May 14, Montgomery School Family Fun Day in Ashland

May 16, Westlake After Prom

May 22 and 23, AnCon in Hudson (tentative)

If you’d like to have me at your event, you can go to this page for more info, or contact me with questions.