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Lowest Commission Price of the Year

I am having a sale today and tomorrow at my Bonanzle booth on caricature commissions from your photos. Normally, I sell these commissions for 50 bucks, but today and tomorrow, you can get them for 15 dollars plus whatever extras you would like to add. Just read the sale description to find out more.


Holiday shopping season is coming up soon. Why not get a head start on it and save some money?

Quick Shots for Monday, January 18, 2010

*Last night’s Bonanzle sale was a total bust.

I am in the process of selling off my comics and related merch on Bonanzle, and last night I had a special sale, which Bonanzle.com calls a Bonanza, where they promote the hell out of your sale for one to three hours. No one showed up to my booth. FAIL! Guess I’m going to have to rethink that strategy.

*This weekend’s gig at Mill Hollow was mild, muddy, but fun, nevertheless. Got to play with Kodie, the one-eyed Siberian Husky sled dog and made some money. Good times.

*Happy Birthday to Main Street Amherst’s very own Teresa Gilles. Hope it’s a good one!

*If Haiti wasn’t bad enough, the Red Cross needs money and blood for locals who are in peril. RedCross.org.

*Speaking of peril, does anyone know what’s happening now the the building that was to hold the West Side Children’s Museum burned down? There’s nothing on the website about it. There is to be a money raiser Friday, but I don’t know if that’s still on or what.

More art and stuff tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Bonanzle Booth!

I have a Bonanzle.com booth and I have 3 items up so far. I plan on listing at least five items a day, five days a week at least. That’s 25 items a week, until I get tired, frustrated, or everything is gone.

I’m using this to clean house and sell off my comic book collection. Take advantage of my poverty and buy my stuff.

I’m really excited about Bonanzle because:

  1. There’s no listing fee.
  2. The item sold fee is low.
  3. I can use my gmail to IM customers and vice versa.
  4. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere.

So stop on over and check things out. Thanks.

LIVE Online Auction March 7

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This is taken straight from the standard Talkshoe invite that you get from people whose shows you follow. Wally is a guy who is very much into online auctions, and who is a heavy user of Bonanzle.com, a new, innovative online auction service that I keep meaning to spend a day checking out. Until I get that chance, check this out.

“You have been invited by auctionwally to join a live Community Call.
Brainstorming Bonanzle (Join in)
Host: auctionwally – wkolenda@gmail.com
Episode: March 7 – REAL online Auction
Hello all, this cast will be my 3rd live REAL auction, where I call the bids live here, and take the bids in my booth at http://bonanzle.com/auctionwally I’ll auctioning about 25 lots for this sale. Inspection starts at 12pm noon EST and the Auction starts at 1pm sharp. To see terms, conditions and some of the items go to: http://bonanzle.com/auctionwally More items will be slated for this auction soon. Don’t forget, there’s no minimums or reserves on anything I sell!
Call ID: 31369

“Personal Message from the Host:
Hello, Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, so that means it’s time for my next REAL online auction. I’ll be selling about 25 lots that include antiques, collectibles, ad spots and much more. These are becoming quite a thing here online and I hope you’ll consider joining us! If you’ve never been to one yet, I call the bids live here, and I take the bids in my booth at http://bonanzle.com/auctionwally You can go there now to see some of the items I have in this auction, and by preview time tomorrow, 12 noon EST, I will have all the items posted. You must be a Bonanzle user to bid. “Please bring a friend. Don’t forget, there are NO MINIMUMS and NO RESERVES at my auctions. Ever.

“Scheduled Time:

Date: Sat, March 7, 2009
Time: 12:00 PM EST

How to participate:

Call in:

1. Dial: (724) 444-7444
2. Enter: 31369 # (Call ID)
3. Enter: 1 # or your PIN”

If you do participate in this online live auction, let me know about your experiences. I’m very interested to see how this turns out. I can see people doing live auctions from their homes or place of business in the future. This looks cool.