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Creating Comics Class at the Amherst Public Library

June 23rd, 2011, Amherst Public Library, 221 Spring Street (on the corner of Park Ave.)

Note: Even if you’ve taken this class before, you may want to come back again as you’ll be working with different people, and you’ll get new and different content during the class.

This is a great way to learn how to create comics, how to work with others, and why some comics come out the way they do. Taught by local artist and caricaturist Mike Leuszler, students learn to create manga and comics… by making comics. But there’s a twist or two.

Students will also learn a bit about comic publishing and comics history during the class, and have an enormous amount of fun despite that!

No drawing experience necessary.

Everyone who participates in the class will get a free print by Mike Leuszler. That’s me.

For more info or to register for the class, call 440-988-4230. Or, you can contact the Youth Services Director, Cheryl Ashton, at cashtonapl@yahoo.com.

Lex Luthor’s Bailout Video

So I’m looking through my “draft” file and I found this mouldering there. I thought I had posted it, but I guess not. It was topical a year ago, but since it’s Lex Luthor, it’s still good for a laugh or six.

I usually don’t endorse anything associated with Will Ferrell (like the site that this comes from), but in this case, he’s not on camera and this is a hilarious idea. At least it’s a hilarious idea to someone who has read Superman comics and followed the character in other media for 40 years.

That bald wig, though… I dunno…


John Carbonaro Dies

John Carbonaro, for the comics lay people out there, was the caretaker of one of the greatest groups of non mainstream superhero groups of the Silver Age (approximately 1954 – 1971), the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.

John was a BTF (Big Time Fan) who rose to prominence in the world of comics by acquiring the rights to the super spy/hero group published by Tower Comics in the 60’s. Opinions on his stewardship of the property differ wildly from “overly protective” and “control freak” to “loving devotion to the property”.

After the suicide of creator/editor Wally Wood in the early 80’s, Carbonaro purchased the rights and has maintained stewardship until his death at age 58. He came very close on more than one occasion to striking gold with the group, in movies, in animation, and even at DC and Marvel. The THUNDER Agents adventures were last published in a series of DC Comics Archives hardcovers sereis, before the soon to be published new DC heroes was cancelled in 2000. There was one series of books, post Silver Age, published in the mid-80’s, with updated versions of the classic agents done by comics luminaries such as Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko, Jerry Ordway, and Ambush Bug creator Keith Giffen.

Comics and television writer Mark Evanier offers this piece on Caronaro.

Word is that JC made arrangements for an heir for the property. That could be one of the best or worst things to be in comics. I guess we’ll see.

Who’s Gonna Watch the Watchmen? I Am!

One more week until the Watchmen opens in wide release.

I can’t freakin’ wait. I haven’t been this pumped for a comic book movie since, I dunno, the first Tim Burton Bat-flick. The Watchmen is one of my favorite graphic novels, ever. I was there when the original comic book series came out. I read it page by page and didn’t skip ahead to the end, or read the text sections before the story. That made reading it a hell of an experience. Especially for the first part of issue 12, where … Well, let’s just say it was stunning.

The movie Watchmen looks gorgeous and very faithful to the source material, despite the changes made to the comic series’ issue 12 material. Of course, who could expect less from director Zak Snyder after slavishly adapting the style and story of Frank Miller’s everything-but-overtly gay Alpha Male salute/abomination 300.

And a rumor is going around now that Snyder is being considered to take over Christopher Nolan if Nolan quits the current Batman movie franchise. It would be cool to see ZS directly adapt a few of the better Batman stories to the screen, and pull away from Nolan’s inappropriate hyper-realistic style and total intellectual rape of the Batman canon.

Anyway, I can’t wait. RRRRRRRR.