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Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen Final Weekend for 2011

Santa at Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Saturday and Sunday will be your last opportunity to get a live-drawn caricature from me in public. At least for this year.

Unless I get a really good offer for New Year’s.

I will be at Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen on Saturday, November 17 from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. or so. and Sunday from about 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen lets you either buy or take your own pictures of your kids with Santa, and has tables for special holiday crafts, letters for Santa and U.S. soldiers, sometimes a balloon artist and/or face painter, and of course, yours truly, doing caricatures. Past weeks and years have also featured local storytellers. I don’t believe there will be a storyteller this weekend, though.

Money from the photos for Santa benefit the organization Light Up Lorain, which is responsible for the Christmas lighting and decorations you see around Downtown Lorain. They are also responsible for putting on Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen. They’ve been at it for three years now, and this year has been the best. They’re a good group that deserves your support.

As for what I’m doing… If you want to surprise someone with an incredibly thoughtful, and cheap, gift, bring their photo down, or a photo of their pet, whatever and I’ll whip something up on the spot for you.

Otherwise, if I don’t see you there, have a great holiday season.

Festival of the Fish Marketplace

I will be at Exchange Park (the corner of Rts. 6 and 60 in downtown Vermilion) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doing caricatures during the big Fish Festival. This is one of the biggest events, next to Woolybear, during the year, so come on down and get turned into a toon.

This will be my first Fish Festival, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit this great event, this is it.

Third Thursday at Granny Joe’s

On Thursday, June 16 from 6pm to 9pm eastern, I will be doing caricatures at Granny Joe’s Ice Creamatorium. 5598 Liberty Ave Vermilion,  OH  (440) 967-3663. Stroll about downtown Vermilion, listen to a variety of musicians and get some good ice cream.


Happy New Year. Back to Work!

Everyone who does content for the Internet seems to saying what a great year 2011 will be for them and that how they will kick 2010’s ass in some vague way or other. Instead of saying how they’re going to do, they’re making vague statements, metaphors and pronouncements while paving more road to hell with good intentions.

Sure, that’s normal human behavior at this time of year, but I’m going to go one better and give you an actual sneak peek at what’s coming up this year for me, instead of just saying what a swell year it will be.

Comfort Zone the Comic: I did a crappy (really, it was) little webcomic that kind of went way off course last year. I let it go for awhile, but this year, starting in January, I’m going to resolve the “story” of the last comic and bring it into a better storytelling format. It will be twice a week, but instead of three panels twice a week, it will be more of a comic-sized page, or an old time Sunday Comics sized strip, when strips took up 90% of a page. I want to create a comic to show off my real art and storytelling chops.

I don’t want to creatively masturbate three panels a day with week jokes.

Podcasts: Open Mike, Insert Foot is done. Finished. Out with a whimper. I have gotten everything out of that experience that I can get and it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Shows that are better prepared, less reliant on random callers and other people, and stuff that I’m more passionate about.

That Stupid Podcast premieres in January. The first episode sets up the concept and format, and from there, well, it gets stupid.  People are getting dumber and I’ll show you how, with a bit of observation and a pinch of comedy.

Before the Crisis is the working title for my comic book podcast. It will talk mostly about my life in comics, specifically focusing on the years before 1986, comics’ best year (in my lifetime). It will have a strong focus on different types of cultures in comics, the DC multiverse as it was in that time, and many other topics that you don’t hear on Major Spoilers or Word Balloon.  I’m hoping to launch this in the Spring.

Mike the Art Guy: Art, Internet, Business. I’m going to call upon my associates to share with me their experiences in art, Internet, and business. This show will be for working artists and Internet content providers. In between may be episodes that are more journal in nature, where I share my adventures and observations. Still finalizing the format, so look for more announcements about the final launch date in February or March.

I will also be ramping up production on my original artwork, prints, cards, caricatures, and other commission work, or as it’s known, my real job.

I’m not just pulling this stuff out of my butt, mind you. I’ve long ago planned everything out and documented it, so I can focus and keep on schedule with my various projects.

So with that all out in the open, and practically daring myself to fail, I want to take a moment to wish you all a productive and fun year, not just right now in January, but all year long.

Now get back to work.


This Weekend, April 22 – 24

Getting back into busy season here at studio and I’m looking forward to it. First off, on Friday, I will be at Skyview Lodge in Brunswick for their monthly Friday Night Wines Art Event. There will be various arts and crafts people vending their wares, I’ll be doing caricatures and selling art, and there’s usually a band. That runs from 7 to 11 pm on Friday, April 23.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I will be at the Mill Hollow Reservation Herb Fair. It’s an odd fit, I know, but it’s a fun break from all of the flora, for sure. Saturday, April 23 is from 11 to 4 pm and Sunday April 24 is from noon to 4 pm. Hope to see you there.

Upcoming Classes and Appearances

Tuesday, April 13: Creating Comics and Manga at Westlake Porter Library. 7 pm. 1 hour.

This is my favorite class to teach. You learn about creating comics by actually creating comics. Wow. In addition, you learn a bit about the business of comics. This is a good first class for any potential comics creator.  Find out more and register here.

Tuesday, April 20, 27, May 4, 11: Inking Basics Four Part Class, Part 1. 1 pm. 1 hour per session.

This is an expanded, information filled version of my original inking basics class. By the time you finish this class you will be ready to create quality art pieces on your own. Find out more here.  (Go about halfway down  the page).

Friday, April 23, Skyview Lodge Wine Tasting Event, 7 pm. 4 hours.

Skyview offers a free table to local artist, and I will be there doing caricatures, selling artwork, and pimpin’ the business. I may have a preview of my new webcomic, too. Stop by and sample some vino and the excellent sunset view. Go here for more info.

Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, Herb Fair at Mill Hollow Reservation in Vermilion, 11 to 4 on Saturday, 12 to 4 on Sunday.

Another year, another Herb Fair. This year’s set up will include my doing caricatures for the kiddies, selling lots of artwork, promoting my new webcomic, and much more. Stop by, say hi, check out the booth and support your local art guy. More info here.

And coming up in May:

May 5, Euclid Rotary Event

May 9, Keystone After Prom

May 14, Montgomery School Family Fun Day in Ashland

May 16, Westlake After Prom

May 22 and 23, AnCon in Hudson (tentative)

If you’d like to have me at your event, you can go to this page for more info, or contact me with questions.

Busy Week; What’s Coming Up?

Here’s what I have going this week, event wise. This does not include commission work, administrative stuff, and all of that boring behind-the-scenes nonsense.

Tonight, Tuesday July 14th, I will be presenting a FREE program at the Amherst Public Library at 7 pm about what I do as a caricaturist.

Thursday, July 16, I will be somewhere in downtown Vermilion, OH, doing caricatures during Third Thursday. TT is a monthly event held every, yes, third Thursday during the summer months with free music and performers performing. It runs from 6 p.m. until dark. Don’t miss it.

Friday, after being at Roxy’s Reads (where the oh-so-swell Mike Leuszler Gallery is) all day, I will be attending the Amherst Marion L. Steele class of 1959 50th class reunion. Coincidentally, that’s my dad’s graduating class. But there’s no nepotism in my getting this gig. I got it because I did a similar service for the class of ’57 (thanks to class member Neal Jenne) a couple years back and Ken Rosenbusch was there with his wife and he remembered me for his big party. Yay!

Saturday, I will be at French Creek Reservation Metropark in Avon at a private event from 2 to 4 pm. It’s a company picnic, which is always a blast. I get to hear good stories at most company picnics. That alone makes it worth the trek.

Sunday, I will be in Mayfield Heights at a graduation party. This was one of the donations I made to WVIZ and WCPN’s annual auction event. Should be fun. And no, I shall not be consuming anything alcohol-based. I have no desire to see how many speed traps exist between there and here.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, feel free to cruise over to Facebook and friend me. Then check out my group, Mike The Art Guy: The Art and Such of Mike Leuszler. Write something on my wall!

Upcoming Appearances

So far, this is my upcoming schedule of events and classes. I will be adding to it as the days roll along, adding more events, classes, and other items of interest.

Thursday, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17, 6 to 8 pm: Third Thursday in Vermilion @ Granny Joe’s Ice Creamatorium.

Every third Thursday this Summer, downtown Vermilion comes alive with musicians performing live all over along with other performers doing their things. I’ll be doing caricatures, working for tips, so come on down, get a cold carb download and get turned into a toon.

Saturday, June 20, 5 to???: True North’s 10th Anniversary Dinner:

I’ll be doing caricatures, selling art, and more. Go to TNCArts.org to find out more.

Tuesday, June 23, 1 to 1:45 pm and 2 to 3 pm, Face Drawing Class @ Amherst Public Library.

Free class on the basics of drawing faces. The first session is for your K – 5th graders and the later session is for older kids.

Thursday, June 25, 6:30 to 8 pm, Adult Caricature Class at Lorain Public Library Main Branch.

Free class on caricature for adults at the main branch of the Lorain Public Library on Sixth Street.

Saturday, June 27, Reserved for Private Event, Tentative

UPDATE: Tuesday, June 30, Reserved for Private Event, 5:30 to ??? Confirmed!

Saturday, July 4, True North Arts Fest (Tentative)

Doing caricatures, selling artwork.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 10, 11, 12: Amherst Jamboree (Tentative).

Doing caricatures.

Tuesday July 14 7 to 8 pm: Program @ Amherst Public Library. What can your caricaturist do for you?

I do caricatures and I tell you what I can do for your organization or group. Free program.

Thursday, July 16 from 6 to 8 pm, Third Thursday in Vermilion @ Granny Joe’s Ice Creamatorium.

Every third Thursday this Summer, downtown Vermilion comes alive with musicians performing live all over along with other performers doing their things. I’ll be doing caricatures, working for tips, some come on down, get a cold carb download and get turned into a toon.

Friday, July 17 8 to 10 pm: MLS Class of 59 Event.

I’ll be in the Wellington Room at the Holiday Inn doing caricatures for this private event.

Saturday, July 18, 2 to 4 pm, Private Picnic Event at French Creek Reservation.

July 25, August 1, 15, 22, 29, Sept 5, 12 Vermilion Local Market

August 1, Dancing on Main Street, Downtown Amherst

Mondays and Thursdays July 27, 31 August 3, 7, 1 to 2:30 Comics Camp @ Amherst Public Library.

Free class on creating comics for the Internet.

August 7, 8, 9 North Ridgeville Corn Fest (Tentative)

Saturday August 8, 11 am to 2 pm, Emmanuel Lutheran Fun Fair.

Doing caricatures.

Sunday August 30, 6:30 to 8:30 pm Mill Hollow Reservation Concert, G-Force

October 7: Staff Development Day @ Lorain Public Library.

Balloon Fest Saturday June 13th!

This week, I will be preparing for the Balloon Fest in Wellington at the Lorain County Fairgrounds. That’s Saturday, June 13th.

I’m really looking forward to this event. Last year’s show was very successful and I’m looking forward to an even bigger show this year with the event moved from a Friday night to an all day Saturday event.

In addition to doing caricatures (only five bucks per person, whatta bargin!), I plan to have a special print available for the show along with the first wave of T-shirts that I want to sell on the site and at shows. I will also have plenty of other goodies for sale, too, including other prints, matted artwork, and more. I hope to see you there.

There will also be plenty of good food, beer, crafters, and other fun stuff to eat, do, or watch. Parking is five dollars per car (so park somewhere and walk if you’re cheap!), but admission is FREE! Proceeds benefit the Lorain County Office on Aging. That old person you help could be you someday!

If you have any questions or requests, email me at mike.leuszler@gmail.com.