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That Stupid Podcast Begins

The first episode of That Stupid Podcast is up and ready to download at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/92326 . It’s 20 minutes and it’s funny, but thoughtful.

I’m the host, so expect to see the occasional news bit about it here on MikeTheArtGuy.com. It sets the ground rules of the show and defines stupidity, for the benefit of listeners, contributors, and other innocent bystanders. Give it a chance and see if you like it. You can send any thoughts or criticisms to ThatStupidPodcast@gmail.com.

Also, if you’re on Facebook, you can visit the That Stupid Podcast Page, which is at http://www.facebook.com/pages/That-Stupid-Podcast/188666824479897?v=wall. I will put up discussion threads, news about upcoming topics, and other goodies. Please join up.

The next episode is being recorded Tuesday morning and will be uploaded to the Talkshoe site for listening Wednesday at noon, Eastern.

Start Using This Word Now. Interimnet!

Kris Straub of Halfpixel.com and the creator of Starslip, the totally accurate portrayal of the future webcomic, is waiting for his Internet in his new home. In the meantime, as he tweeted, he can pay 30 dollars for Internet, in the interim.

Paul Southworth, of the webcomic, Ugly Hill, picked up on Kris’ tweet and created the phrase, Interimnet.

See how long that takes to become part of the Information Age lexicon.

I love the English language! It’s like Lego bricks for communication.

Twitter Scam

It appears that someone named Gary McCaffery is running some kind of pyramid scam involving something called Twetter Getter. If someone promises you 20,000 plus followers on Twitter by giving them your password… what do you do? That’s right, don’t do it. Hasn’t everyone been trained on this Identity Theft 101 scam enough times? Really?

The thing about this that really galls me is that I found out about this nonsense from a Tweet posted by Dave Nelson, the man behind Talkshoe, which is the home of Open Mike, Insert Foot, my weekly podcast. I don’t know at this point if Dave (or some hacker posing as Dave) actually gave out his password, or just retweeted the McCaffery’s Tweet, but either way, this is not a good thing.

If you see this anywhere, let me know who’s Twitter it appears on:

“RT @garymccaffrey has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out http://tweetergetter.com/xxxxx”.

Let’s stop this as soon as possible.

Dave Nelsen (or his hacker) just direct messaged me and said “Yeah, there’s some trust involved, isn’t there.”


Why Do You People Bother?

Just to let you know… I don’t deal with anonymous posters. Unless they have a really solid point to make, I just delete ’em. Especially flamers. You know who I’m talking about.

I really don’t mind criticism, as long as it has a point. In fact, I welcome it. Good criticism allows an artist to grow. But if you’re some little Internet troll who only goes around the Internet to insult people, well, you can go away.

So what have we learned? Don’t be an anonymous ass, k?


Business Thoughts: Fan Clubs, Investors, and Memberships

Joel Watson, the mind behind HijinksEnsue.com, a terrific geeky webcomic, has a special section of his site called “The Vault“. To see this section, filled with lots of extras, you only have to pay a small subscription fee. For your fee you’ll have unlimited access to behind-the-scenes type items, extra podcasts and more. If you just want to dip your toe in the waters for a month, you can make a one-time donation. Right now, Joel’s monthly subscriptions are getting him over 700 dollars a month. And that doesn’t include one-time donations. Not bad.

Many webcomic artists and other online artists are hopping on the Assetbar.com band wagon, starting “fan clubs”, including Starslip, PVP Online, and Octopus Pie. For anywhere from 99 cents to maybe 2.99 a month, you get access to a similar conglomeration of behind-the-scenes material as HijinksEnsue.com offers.

I am looking at what I have here and I’m thinking, Hmmmm… I have celebrity caricatures that I can’t sell, and I have a lot of other stuff that I’m sure people would love to have as screen savers, etc. And maybe people would be curious about this other old art sitting around.

And I’ve always wanted to do a membership/investor type thing where people who support me and my art get special discounts and maybe limited edition collectors prints, etc. Discounts that would apply to stuff here on the site and stuff that I have elsewhere on the web, like at my Etsy.com store.

And in addition, Patti Serrano of Talkshoe, among others, has put a bug in my ear to create subscription video art classes. Which alone would be cool because it gives previous students a place to go for advanced classes.

So, anyway, I’m thinking about starting up a club, investor, or membership thing where you if you pay a fee, you get access to lots more stuff. Stuff like my podcast Open Mike, Insert Foot and my upcoming webcomic would be free, but I would have more stuff only available to subscribers.

Mind you, this isn’t a new idea. I’ve been thinking about some of this for over a year now. With the advent of Assetbar.com and the availability of certain Word Press plugins, I can make it happen on my shoestring budget.

Thoughts? Leave a comment or email me.