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Who’s Gonna Watch the Watchmen? I Am!

One more week until the Watchmen opens in wide release.

I can’t freakin’ wait. I haven’t been this pumped for a comic book movie since, I dunno, the first Tim Burton Bat-flick. The Watchmen is one of my favorite graphic novels, ever. I was there when the original comic book series came out. I read it page by page and didn’t skip ahead to the end, or read the text sections before the story. That made reading it a hell of an experience. Especially for the first part of issue 12, where … Well, let’s just say it was stunning.

The movie Watchmen looks gorgeous and very faithful to the source material, despite the changes made to the comic series’ issue 12 material. Of course, who could expect less from director Zak Snyder after slavishly adapting the style and story of Frank Miller’s everything-but-overtly gay Alpha Male salute/abomination 300.

And a rumor is going around now that Snyder is being considered to take over Christopher Nolan if Nolan quits the current Batman movie franchise. It would be cool to see ZS directly adapt a few of the better Batman stories to the screen, and pull away from Nolan’s inappropriate hyper-realistic style and total intellectual rape of the Batman canon.

Anyway, I can’t wait. RRRRRRRR.