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eBay Sales This Week

Batman Dark Knight ACEO / Sketch Card Batman Dark Knight ACEO / Sketch Card 2011

Joker ACEO / Sketch Cards
Batman's big baddie, the Joker.

This week, I have¬†26 eBay auctions listed. My seller name is Mike_Leuszler. Don’t forget the underscore!

They’re all ACEO / Sketch Cards of various characters and subjects, including Mario, The Hulk, Superman, Catwoman, and Santa. ¬†Some of the cards feature a change in technique, too.

I also have some of my oldest ACEO for sale from five years ago. FIVE years ago. Yeesh.

Don’t wait, because the auctions end Sunday night around 10 pm Eastern time.

And if you could tell your friends, that would be great.